Conference History

An except from the preface of the proceedings of the first Carbon Conference held in 1978, written by T. Novakov:

Daniel Grosjean and Tica Novakov holding signs reading 90% secondary and 90% soot

Daniel Grosjean and Tica Novakov

"The idea for such a conference developed in a number of conversations I had with Professor R.J. Charlson of the University of Washington. From these discussions, and from the research results generated in numerous laboratories, it became apparent that carbonaceous particulate matter is an extremely important component of the overall aerosol problem, with implications to atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric physics, climate, and public health. It also became clear that in the past, carbonaceous particles have received far less attention than they deserve in view of their potential impact on air quality."

Proceedings from the First ICCPA (1978)

Past 11 Conferences

11th ICCPA Berkeley, USA 2015
10th ICCPA Vienna, Austria 2011
9th ICCPA Berkeley, USA 2008
8th ICCPA Vienna, Austria 2004
7th ICCPA San Juan, USA 2000
6th ICCPA Vienna, Austria 1997
5th ICCPA Berkeley, USA 1994
4th ICCPA Vienna, Austria 1991
3rd ICCPA Berkeley, USA 1987
2nd ICCPA Linz, Austria 1983
1st ICCPA Berkeley, USA 1978