Berkeley Lab

Presentation Information

Session Topics:

  • Secondary organic aerosol formation
  • Biomass burning 
  • Bioaerosols
  • Cloud condensation nuclei and ice-nucleating particles
  • Optical properties, radiative forcing, and climate 
  • Health effects
  • Novel measurement methods and instrumentation
  • Low-cost sensors and community monitoring
  • Source characterization and apportionment

Platform Presentations: Platform talks are limited to 20 minutes. We recommend planning for a 15-minute talk and leaving 5 minutes for questions from the audience. Plan to upload your slides onto the conference laptop via USB thumb drive when you check in to the conference and no later than the morning of your session. 

Poster Presentations: Poster dimensions are limited to 36 inches vertically × 46 inches horizontally (90 cm tall × 116 cm wide). Push pins will be provided. Before the poster session begins, we will host a session of Lightning Talks in the main auditorium. Each poster presenter will have 1 minute to present a single overview slide of their poster. It is encouraged but not required of poster presenters. Please feel free to be as creative as you’d like—draw a cartoon, write a poem, make some puns! We’re excited for you to showcase your posters and kick off our evening reception with some fun. Plan to upload your one-slide presentation onto the conference laptop via USB thumb drive no later than the morning of your session, and be sure to hang your poster ahead of the evening reception.